PhD Projects

PhD Research Projects (Past and Present)

I have completed 6 PhD students all with very exciting and relevant research projects. I’m keen to explore ideas on VR, AR, MR, social networks and data science related research projects in the near future. Special pages are created for some latter research projects so do click in to see the details.


 Completed (as principle supervisor)
Dr Andrew Lewis A Collaborative Environment for Assisted 3D Reconstruction of Cuneiform Tablets, The Leverhulme Trust PhD Studentship, University of Birmingham (completed 2014)
Dr Gido Harkvoort A Complex Community of People, Objects and Devices, Carol, Kennedy PhD Scholarship, University of Birmingham (completed 2015)
Dr Mohd Hafizuddin Mohd Yusof A Network of Ambient Electronic Sensors as Cohesive Agents that Facilitates Personalisation of Experience and Transfer of Information, University of Birmingham (completed 2016)
Dr Xinyu Fu Context-Aware Sentence Categorisation: Word Mover’s Distance and Character-level Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (completed 2018)
Dr Mengdi Li New Directions for Sentiment Analysis in the Era of Emojis (completed 2018)
Dr Hongliang Sun The Identification of Influential Spreaders and Communities from Complex Networks (completed 2018)

Ongoing (as principle supervisor)

Weiqiang Lin Mining Consumer Feedback and Designing Features for E-commerce Platform Optimisation (expected 2019)
Cynthia Yue Li Evaluating a Mixed Reality Framework for Social Interactions around Cultural Heritage Objects in Virtual and Public Spaces (2020)
Shengdan Cai Identity, Memory and Nostalgia with VR (2020)
Danzhao Cheng Investigating Mechanisms for Crowdsourcing 3D Cultural Heritage Across Geographical Locations (2021)

Ongoing (As Second Supervisor)

Boying Li Studying the predictive power of electronic word-of-mouth on company performance (with Prof. Alain YL Chong, expected 2018)
Shuojiang Xu Data Driven Inventory Management in the Healthcare Supply Chain (with Prof. Hing Kai Chan, expected 2019)