PhD Project: Danzhao Cheng

Crowdsourcing 3D Cultural Heritage Objects with Mass Photogrammetry

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Danzhao Cheng works on investigating the best mechanisms for crowdsourcing 3D cultural heritage objects from across large geographical regions in her PhD project “Investigating Mechanisms for Crowdsourcing 3D Cultural Heritage Across Geographical Locations”.

3D Crowdsourcing Pipeline from “Ch’ng E. (2018) Crowdsourcing for 3D Cultural Heritage for George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site, International Conference on Managing Urban Cultural Heritage, 10th year Celebration of the UNESCO WHS. 1-4 Oct. 2018, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.”

This project aims to create an open social cultural heritage database in the Cloud with rich collections of artefacts from along the Silk Road. The database will be interfaced with interactive technologies such as VR, AR, mobile and i3D on the Web, accessible to both scholars and the wider public. The project will also investigate how transformative technologies could play a role in narrating the rich history of the Silk Road, connect people, and communicate cultural history to a truly global audience. The project aims to amass a large collection of cultural resources first from key museums along the Belt and Road and drawing from crowdsourced contents. The project will also create digital journeys that will guide the visitors of the collections of the museum through participative transmedia narratives that will allow them to familiarise with the different objects and their histories in a unique, innovative and immersive experience.

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