PhD Project: Cynthia Yue Li

Connecting Worlds – Hybrid VR and AR for Cultural Heritage Objects

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Cynthia Yue Li works on understanding how hybrid VR-AR environments affect user engagement, interaction and communication in the PhD project “Evaluating a Mixed Reality Framework for Social Interactions around Cultural Heritage Objects in Virtual and Public Spaces”.

The spirit of the ancient Silk Road is exchange of ideas, cultures and value. Our sole intention is to bring peoples from different worlds into the same space, sharing and exchanging ideas around shared interest, except that the worlds in which we connect are an intermix of the real and the virtual, and the exchange is mediated by digital devices and content. In this research, we explore how VR and AR, essentially users from different spaces can engage, interact and communicate around a shared space and objects. Our hybrid heterospace aims to bring together peoples from disparate backgrounds and cultures so as to connect and facilitate the exchange of cultural values in the 21st century Silk Road.

Impact points

  • Connects the real world with the virtual
  • Supports the social nature of users
  • Mediates user interactions and communications

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