One of the 70

Faces of the Era: 70 years 70 people

I am very honoured to be one of the 70 in “Faces of the Era: 70 years 70 people” – a book on significant figures representing the era’s development. Developing technology for cultural heritage in both China and abroad is a reward in itself, being recorded here is an honour.

The book traces the history of each person, and their life and work here and how they have shaped the region. I was born and bred in George Town Penang, Malaysia, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and have lived for a significant period of my time in the UK before retracing my grand father’s footsteps in China. Here, I develop digital heritage research for China’s cultural heritage sites, monuments and objects, and contributed to the cultivation of talents and resources. Having been here for the past 6 years have given me the opportunity few have to witness great developments in China, and to get to know the wonderful people here from all levels of society. I am very honoured.

Faces of the Era: 70 Years 70 People

The series of pages charting my history

The front cover of ‘Faces of the Era: 70 Years 70 People’

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