Digital Heritage Centre Launched

Digital Heritage Centre Launched 13 December 2019

Members of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China with the team at Ningbo Museum

Two years of research collaboration digitising and digitalising cultural heritage artefacts has yielded a solid venture between the two institutions. The signing of the MoU between UNNC and Ningbo Museum establishes a Digital Heritage Centre at UNNC where future projects focusing on digital transformation of culture and heritage may be conducted. Led by Professor Eugene Ch’ng, the centre will initiate strategic cooperation that aims to bring together academics from UNNC’s three Faculties, from GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), industry partners and global experts in preserving and communicating cultural heritage both in China and from sites of international significance, making culture and heritage accessible via data science approaches and through digital technologies such as VR, AR, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Imaging, Big Data and Social Media. Professor Eugene Ch’ng, Director of the Digital Heritage Centre recently completed a funded Provincial project which reconstructs Ningbo’s Sanjiangkou port during the Yuan Dynasty (~700 years ago) using 3D imaging and VR technologies. The highly publicised project digitalised ancient artefacts with the support from curators from Ningbo Museum. At the launch ceremony, Professor Cui Ping, UNNC’s Associate Provost for Innovation and Advancement gave a heart-warming opening speech, together with Ningbo Museum’s Director Wang Lijun. Later, Dr Filippo Gilardi, head of the School of International Communications represented UNNC in receiving the plaque. At the closing ceremony, Professor Eugene Ch’ng addressed the significance of digital technologies in transforming the culture heritage landscapes and his vision for the centre.

Director of Ningbo Museum Mr. Wang Lijun and and Assoc. Provost for Innovation and Advancement Professor Cuiping Wang


School of International Communications student Meishu Ai giving a speech on the importance of cultural heritage to the young generation of the 21st Century

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