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Doorway into the deep recesses of the amazing scholarly institute

Visit to the Institute of Complex Systems, Paris (ICS-PIF)

Doorway into the deep recesses of the amazing scholarly Institute. The Institute will be moving to a new building next year.

I visited my friend David Chavalarias, the director of the Institute of Complex Systems (Institut des Systèmes Complexes, Paris Île-de-France – ICS-PIF) and gave a talk on my recent research findings on social networks – “Landscapes and Complexity: Isolating Communities in Social Networks “, and how extensible and scalable frameworks could be used to mine Big Data from social communications. The people at the institute was a wonderful crowd. We shared a scholarly Q&A session and exchanged important ideas during the 2 hour session in the morning.

The future of research opportunities with David and associated members of the Institute looks great, we aim to contribute to society in many ways by using Big Data and Complexity. We will be working together with Prof. Harold Thwaites and Maziyar Panahi (Centre for Creative Content and Digital Innovation). The coming weeks will define our progression from concepts and ideas to initial development.

As a result of the European Conference on Complex Systems, and my visit to ICS-PIF, I have  joined the Complex Systems Society and aims to contribute to its cause in the coming years.

David Chavalarias and Eugene Ch’ng


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