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I’ve lived through a lot growing up and have come to the conclusion that life can be positive when you make it positive – “I create my own future… we create our own future by making the world a better place for others, and, reciprocally for ourselves” is the mantra I live by.

I was born and bred in an island to the west coast of Malaysia called Penang. As it is, all Penangites are proud to be from the only island worth living in, in the whole world – positive island mentality!
I presently travel between the UK, China and Asia.
Penang is also called the Prince of Wales Island (1786-1867) when her founder Captain Francis Light hoisted the Union Jack on 11 August 1786 in honour of the heir to the British throne. However, the first Englishmen to reach Penang was the merchant-navigator Sir James Lancaster who served under Sir Francis Drake as commander of the Edward Bonadventure in 1588. On 31 August 1957, Penang formally became part of the newly independent Federation of Malaya (Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) and in 1963, also became a member state of Malaysia. Penang, an island with a rich British history is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I love art! I draw and paint very early in life and by the age of 10 was often requested by teachers to produce artworks for school activities. Although I’ve stopped intermittently due to a busy life, I’ve always sought time to draw and paint. Believe it or not, I studied fine arts for 1 year at the Equator Academy of Art Penang in 1994.
"Cat" by Eugene

“Cat” by Eugene

Martial Arts
I’ve had the opportunity to be trained in some martial arts. I did Karate and Shaolin Kung Fu during my high school years but witnessed Aikido in 1996 whilst walking past a building in Toronto, Canada. I started Aikido in 2002, stopped for a couple of years due to my intensive PhD research, and picked it up again in 2007 and have since continued practising. I am now a black belt under NIA Aikido Birmingham UK, and also a black belt with Hombu Dojo, Japan. I’m a British Aikido Board Coach Level 1 Instructor and have been teaching aikido as the chief Instructor at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China Aikido Society (UNNCAS) since December 2013.
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Growing up with Technology
I naturally have a lot of energy, and this has worked out for me very well in my many interests for the curiosities of our world! I discovered early in life that I can draw and paint very well, but I’ve also realised that I have a very logical mind. I started programming when I was 10 and coded an equivalent of today’s Adobe Photoshop complete with brush sizes, sprays and colour for an Apple IIe I owned just a few months after learning about computers in 1984. I was also exposed early to the Internet and the World Wide Web (~1990s) and have started programming bots for IRC wars. In mid 1980s I was inspired by Apple computer’s 3D ray-traced graphics which led to my pursuit of computer graphics and eventually virtual reality. My interactive 3D skills in the 1990s have awarded me first student prize in the South East Asian Image Competition 96′ organised by Autodesk, HP and Cad User. I was also awarded best student prize at a highly established art and design college (Equator Academy of Art, Penang) for session 96 and 97. In 1998 I was awarded a 1st Class Honours bachelor’s degree for 3D Design at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. In 2006 I was awarded a best PhD for my agent-based modelling and VR research at the Department of Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, the University of Birmingham, UK.
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I am a product of my environment – I socialise widely and have lived in 3 countries, travelled 28 nations and over 200 cities.