Riken K-Computer (Kobe, Japan)

Visiting the Riken K-Computer and the Advanced Visualisation Research Lab

I visited Riken and the Advanced Visualisation Research Team’s lab and gave a talk on BigData landscape research. I also attended a talk by Hamed Khandan on the next 5 years of research and was very happy to be the audience of Ono sensei’s presentation on fluid dynamics visualisation. We discussed collaboration opportunities and where to proceed in the next step.

Special thanks to the AVR’s members: Ono sensei, Hamed-san, Bichong-san, Nonaka-san and Hayakawa-san.

Riken K-Computer

The K computer – named for the Japanese word “kei” (京), meaning 10 quadrillion (1016). 88,128 SPARC64 VIIIfx processors, Tofu interconnect, Linux-based enhanced operating system!!! 10.51 petaflops.

As of 2013, the K computer comprises over 80,000 2.0 GHz 8-core SPARC64 VIIIfx processors contained in 864 cabinets, for a total of over 640,000 cores, manufactured by Fujitsu with 45 nm CMOS technology. Each cabinet contains 96 computing nodes, in addition to 6 I/O nodes. Each computing node contains a single processor and 16 GB of memory. The computer’s water cooling system is designed to minimize failure rate and power consumption.


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