Multitouch Table Developments

Multitouch Interactive 3D Objects and Environments

Multitouch adds another dimension to interactive 3D objects and environments. Additional touches on screens allows natural gestures and multiple users to interact with real-time 3D.




  • Ch’ng, E. (in press) The Mirror Between Two Worlds: 3D Surface Computing Interaction for Digital Objects and Environments, in Harrison, D. (ed.), Digital Media and Technologies for Virtual Artistic Spaces, IGI Global.
  • Ch’ng, E. (2012) New Ways of Accessing Information Spaces Using 3D Multitouch Tables. Proceedings of the Art, Design and Virtual Worlds Conference, Cyberworlds2012 , Darmstadt, Germany, 25-27 September 2012.


  • Mesolithic Survival Interactive Simulation, Drowned Landscapes, Royal Society Summer Exhibition 3-8 July 2012.


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