MIT Press CFP: Living Virtual Heritage: Agents and Enhanced Environments

Living Virtual Heritage: Agents and Enhanced Environments MIT PRESS Call for Participation Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments Special Issue Call and Scope Virtual heritage – the use of digital and virtual technologies for cataloguing and conveying our cultural heritage – offers exciting new ways to experience the cultural treasures of the world, both ancient and […]

Visual Heritage in the Digital Age, Springer Series on Cultural Computing

Visual Heritage in the Digital Age Springer

My edited book titled “Visual Heritage in the Digital Age” recently got published in the Springer Series on Cultural Computing. The articles presented in the volume relates to research within the domains of digital heritage and computational archaeology. [Link to Publisher Page] Keywords » Computational Archaeology - Cultural Technologies - Digital Heritage - Heritage Computing - Modelling Landscape Change - Visualisation of Space and Movement Heritage is […]

Orkney International Science Festival: Europe’s Lost World

We gave a talk up at the Orkney International Science Festival on the topic of Europe’s Lost World, and how we can combine both geological surveys, landscape mapping, archaeo-environmental sampling, and complex systems science for reconstructing and understanding inundated landscapes. Videos below! The Programme: EUROPE’S LOST WORLD Beneath the sediments of the North Sea bed […]

Stigmergy: Cooperation without direct communication

A collaborative environment for assisted 3d reconstruction of cuneiform tablets

We’re presenting conducting very exciting experiments at the Digital Humanities Hub. A grant supported by The Leverhulme Trust aims to understand how cooperation works in reconstructing 5,000 years old text (Cuneiform fragments) from the Babylonian and Sumerian era. This project aims to improve the worldwide collaborative workflow that allows cuneiform experts and enthusiasts to work on […]


Illustration: Destructor Bot

I tried my hands on digital painting with the Wacom Intuos4 and Photoshop CS5 yesterday. I started off with doodling random shapes with the black brush, the outcome was a destructor bot. The concept art illustrates a bot that breaks down used machinery into basic components, much like how certain bacteria breaks down organic matter. […]