Prof. Dr. Eugene Ch’ng
Director, NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality [Visualisation and AI]
Assoc. Editor, Presence: Teleoperators & Virtual Environments, MIT Press

Professor Eugene Ch’ng is founder and director of the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, NVIDIA Technology Centre, based at the University of Nottingham’s China campus. He graduated with a best PhD award from the Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Birmingham in 2007. Prof. Ch’ng has previously served as Innovations Director at the IBM Visual and Spatial Technology Centre and the Digital Humanities Hub a £3.5m strategic investment bid at the University of Birmingham where he led research in the development and application of cutting-edge technology in digital heritage and culture. Prof. Ch’ng has been invited twice to the Royal Society, and is an organiser and speaker at the Royal Society Theo Murphy Scientific meeting in 2017. He has also been invited to present his work at two British Science Festivals, at the Orkney International Science Festival, and for Darwin’s Bicentenary Exhibition. He has been featured in numerous international media such as National Geographic Television and Channel Four’s Time Team Special among others. Prof. Ch’ng is co-editor-in-chief for MIT Press’ Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments. Prof. Ch’ng leads the complex systems modelling in the €2.5M ERC ‘Lost Frontiers’ Advanced Grant. He is also PI for the Silk Road 3D heritage crowdsourcing database in China. He is a Co-I of the AHRC Curious Travellers Project and a PI for a completed project evaluating China museum’s digital IP management supported by the AHRC Centre for Digital Copyright and IP Research in China and Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau. He is part of the V&A’s ReACH programme (Reproduction of Art & Cultural), serving as one of he expert panel in the review and redraft of Henry Cole’s 1867 Charter and the accompanying technical policy. Prof. Ch’ng was awarded the Ningbo Municipal Individual 3315 Talent award in 2015.

Recent Grant Awards:

  • “Cultural Heritage and Cross-Border Digital Communication in the Terrestrial and Maritime Silk Road: Facilitating the Construction of a Cloud-Based Heritage Open VR Social Database”, Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau (IAMET).
  • Principal Investigator – “Digital Technology Enhanced Cultural and Heritage in the Development of the Knowledge Economy ” AHRC Centre for Digital Copyright and IP Research in China, Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau.
  • ERC “Lost Frontiers” Project Website: https://lostfrontiers.teamapp.com/

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